The Libertines ‘There Are No Innocent Bystanders’ will be showing at the 2013 Musixine Festival in Finland. The festival will present a selection of fresh films on music and pop culture, including ‘The Are No Innocent Bystanders’. For more info and full line-up check out their official website.

‘There Are No Innocent Bystanders’ available for INTERNATIONAL sale!

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The DVD of The Libertines film ‘There Are No Innocent Bystanders’ is now available for INTERNATIONAL sale via the Pulse shop!



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‘The Libertines – There Are No Innocent Bystanders’ is now available to stream on iTunes and Screenburn.


The Libertines – There Are No Innocent Bystanders Collector’s Edition DVD now sold out. Expanded DVD still available!

We have now sold out of Collector’s Edition DVD packages. You can still grab a copy of The Expanded Edition which comes with hours of special features including the 1-hour The Forum backstage film by director Roger Sargent.
The Libertines Film
The Libertines – There Are No Innocent Bystanders Expanded Edition DVD is now on sale at the Pulse Shop. Make sure you grab a copy while stock lasts.
Full list of special features:


  • There Are No Innocent Bystanders film
  • 6 x tracks from band rehearsals
  • Photo animations (including ones that didn’t appear in the film)
  • Reunion slide-show featuring unseen photos from the press announcement and rehearsals all the way through to Reading
  • Carl interviews from the pub crawl
  • Peter Doherty extended interview
  • The Forum AAA backstage film (1 hour)

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Rokumentti 2012



The Libertines – There Are No Innocent Bystanders will be screening at this year’s Rokumentti Film Festival in Joensuu, Finland.

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Fri 16th Nov at 7:00pm Tapio 4

You’ve probably heard the name The Libertines being used in association with everything else except music – except music. The band’s leader Pete Doherty is one of the most well-known figures of the “sex, drugs and rock ‘n roll” lifestyle. He’s been a regular feature in tabloids, taken every drug known to man, danced with death and has even been married to Kate Moss. The other members of the band aren’t exactly mummy’s boys either.


Messing around is a part of the Libertines – there’s no denying it – but they were a lot more than just a drunken bundle of trouble or one of the many saviors of rock n’ roll declared by the British media. They were about dynamic rock and great songs, a band with a strong will of its own. In 2010 the band tried to leave all their strong disagreements and tangles behind in order to make a comeback. Roger Sargent’s movie The Libertines – There Are No Innocent Bystanders documents this windy road and doesn’t concentrate on the tabloids but the people behind them. The rowdiness, messing up and the rock n’ roll lifestyle are still there, too. When it comes to the Libertines, what else could there be? There are some things you just can’t leave behind…


The director Roger Sargent was trusted photographer of the Libertines for years and was in the band’s close circle of acquaintances. He is, thus, able to get extremely close with his interviewees and is, for example, able to unwind the complicated relationship between the two frontmen, Doherty and Barât. The photographs of Sargent also play an important role in carrying the story towards the long-awaited final concert.



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Collector’s Editions are almost sold out

We still got a few Collector’s editions left. Secure your copy today before we run out.

The Collector’s Edition comes stuffed with extra content.


Disc One

  • Feature Film
  • 3 Tracks from rehearsals
  • Photo Animations – including the ones that didn’t make the film
  • Reunion Slide-Show featuring unseen photos
  • Carl Barat – Bar room conversations
  • Peter Doherty – Extended interview


Disc Two

  • 6 Tracks from the rehearsals
  • Rehearsals – AAA film
  • The Forum – AAA film
  • The Libertines – Live At The Forum

Drowned In Sound Review

Didz Hammond reviews ‘There Are No Innocent Bystanders’ for

One of the things you should and perhaps already do know is that Roger was always there. He was always bloody there, click-click-clicking from behind his camera. His friendship with the band was forged extremely early in their rise and proved enduring enough to straddle the warring factions when the relationship between the two front men crumbled in a way that seemed irreparable. Look at any published photo of the Libertines and the credit will almost always be Sargent’s. Look at live footage and it’s his bald, bald head poking out from behind the amps. Click, click, click, click, clicking. He was always there because the band trusted him. And with Carl’s natural paranoia, and Peter’s narcotic psychosis, this was no mean feat. They trusted him because he was (and is) a very good friend and because he always made them look great

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On the day that England play France in Euro 2012 the film will be available in France too. ONLY at Fnac.
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