Drowned In Sound Review

Didz Hammond reviews ‘There Are No Innocent Bystanders’ for

One of the things you should and perhaps already do know is that Roger was always there. He was always bloody there, click-click-clicking from behind his camera. His friendship with the band was forged extremely early in their rise and proved enduring enough to straddle the warring factions when the relationship between the two front men crumbled in a way that seemed irreparable. Look at any published photo of the Libertines and the credit will almost always be Sargent’s. Look at live footage and it’s his bald, bald head poking out from behind the amps. Click, click, click, click, clicking. He was always there because the band trusted him. And with Carl’s natural paranoia, and Peter’s narcotic psychosis, this was no mean feat. They trusted him because he was (and is) a very good friend and because he always made them look great

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